Local markets: a gourmet stroll

The specificity of the Dordogne also lies in the number and quality of its traditional markets of local products, which allow you to discover the gastronomy of the Périgord at the same time as the historical heritage of the medieval towns and villages in which they are held.

Pleasure and conviviality guaranteed for epicureans and gourmets!

Honey, strawberries, walnuts, chestnuts, goat’s cheese, ceps, Périgord truffles, and of course foie gras, even if, as a precautionary measure, many poultry farms have been slaughtered to avoid the spread of avian flu which has been raging for several years in Europe.

“Going to the market is an opportunity to meet local craftsmen and to discover their know-how, to discuss with organic market gardeners, passionate producers and fat poultry breeders, to participate in maintaining a local and short circuit industry which is at the heart of the quality of life in the Dordogne and in the Périgord Noir.

All year round, close to the campsite, there is a market every day of the week (mostly in the morning); each one has its own particularity, its atmosphere, its style and all of them deserve a stopover for the pleasure of the eyes and the palate.


  • Monday in Les Eyzies: in the car park of the school and the town hall
  • Tuesday in Le Bugue: at the entrance to the village around the Halles
  • Wednesday: Montignac and Sarlat in the medieval town
  • Thursday: Meyrals and Domme
  • Friday: Buisson de Cadouin
  • Saturday : Sarlat (bigger than Wednesday)
  • Sunday : St-Cyprien our favourite ? !

In summer (July and August), there are also gourmet markets or night markets where it is possible to eat on the spot.

You will have understood that the Périgord Noir is the land of gourmet delights par excellence, so take advantage of all that it has to offer and don’t hesitate to scour the markets during your stay!

10 December 2022

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