Mini Farm & Donkey Hire

Happy animalsfor the pleasure of young and old

For the maintenance of the 12 hectares of our campsite, we use our great equine companions: our 2 ponies Fabio and Marquès and our 4 donkeys Lila, Moquette, Hannès and Ersan. In addition to the mower!…

As for our family of dwarf goats and our rabbits, they are inevitably pampered by the children!

Every morning in summer, the little ones, accompanied by an animator, can participate in feeding them with fodder and vegetable peelings collected in the restaurant or in the rented accommodation where we provide biosheds for this purpose: find out more about our environmental approach

Our animals are always happy to meet you for a cuddly moment !

Rent a donkey and play Stevenson with your family!

To discover the riches of the Périgord Noir, what could be more unusual than to be accompanied by one of our donkeys?
As an alternative to Stevenson’s paths, the Dordogne trails are not lacking in charm or variety.
A unique and playful opportunity to explore our forests around Les Eyzies and the surrounding countryside.

Our donkeys are gentle, sometimes a little stubborn, but they can carry up to 50 kgs of load on their backs.
We prepare the donkey, seal and unseal it, and we can suggest walking routes if you wish.
Half day or full day rental.

Remember to book at the reception, our donkeys, particularly sociable, are victims of their success !