Bring your strawberry

The Périgord region is famous for its truffles and walnuts, but it’s also renowned for its strawberries. Why not try this delicious fruit at the restaurant of the “Pech Charmant” campsite in the heart of the Périgord?

A recognised tradition of quality
The first traces of strawberry cultivation in Périgord date back to 1895. Benefiting from cool soil, humidity and sunshine, strawberries grew naturally here at first, before new varieties were introduced after the First World War, grown between the rows of vines by farmers from Brittany. But strawberry growing intensified from 1946 onwards. Quality and expertise grew, and in 2004 the region was awarded international recognition: the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI), the first for a strawberry in Europe.


“Crunch the Périgord”

Harvested during two growing seasons from April to October, seven varieties are available for tasting: gariguette, darselect, mara des bois, cirafine, cigaline, seascape and elsanta. The vast production area covers much of the Dordogne, from Ribérac to Sarlat, Périgueux to Bergerac. Whether they come from the north or south of the department, they all have one thing in common: to qualify for the precious PGI label, they must be grown in the open ground using environmentally-friendly techniques.

In Edgar’s care
Throughout the season, you can enjoy this precious fruit in the restaurant at the “Pech Charmant” campsite. Our chef Edgar, a renowned pastry chef, comes up with new desserts every year based on this emblem of our region. He knows better than anyone how to bring out the sweetness or acidity of the fruit “à la mode du Pech Charmant”. The chef’s secret, to be tasted on the premises only…

1 August 2023

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