On the hunt for waste!

Aware of the challenges of climate change and our shared responsibility in terms of sustainable development, both collectively and individually, and particularly aware of the ecological transition, we do our utmost in our day-to-day activities to minimise our impact on the environment.
So, as soon as we acquire Le Pech Charmant campsite in 2021, we have committed ourselves to a voluntary waste reduction policy.

As far as organic waste is concerned, we’ve reached our target of zero waste to process!
In 2022, we invested in two composters to collect organic waste from campers and we use the compost as fertiliser for our plants.
At the same time, the animals in our mini-farm are contributing to this effort by feeding on the leftovers from the restaurant and snack bar.
All the campers are involved in this initiative, which they are happy to take part in through the children as part of the entertainment programme, which includes a daily feeding round for the animals.

The acquisition of our two Périgord black pigs (Soli and Carlo) in May 2023 has completed this scheme and enabled us to achieve this objective!


In this respect, we salute the work and warmly thank the young people from the Belgian association of Charleroi SolidarCité that we hosted for a week in April 2023 and who helped build their tree house!

Reasoned management through meticulous waste sorting: creation of a post
In July 2023, we created a post and recruited Alain, whose job is to check the contents of each bag of sorted waste (yellow bag) and final waste (black bag) and redirect them to the right containers if necessary.

Thanks to him, this year we have halved the volume of final waste and we intend to continue this virtuous dynamic. We see our campers as partners in our commitment to greener camping.

Enjoy a camping experience that combines comfort, nature and responsibility!

6 January 2024

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