Horse back riding

IMG_1955How about crossing the river by horse, or enjoying the beautiful views that the Dordogne has to offer from the back of a horse.
With a neighbouring riding school we organize horseback riding tours. In this program we offer tours for beginners (starting at 11/12) and advanced.
This riding school offers tours for half a day or for an entire day with a picnic included.
There are also tours for somewhat advanced children starting at 8 years old.
For the little ones from 4 years old there is a possibility at an other riding school to follow a class with a small ride outside.
On the campsite horse lovers are definitely at the right place. May we introduce from small (Falabella, Shetlander) to big (D-pony, horse): Marques, Fabio, Ores, Elvis, Valentijn, Dirham and Ibraki !
Our horses need caring on a daily basis. We partly do this with the kidsclub. We also organize an activity with the horses every week, so the children get the chance to sit on them while we walk next to them.