Geocaching in Les Eyzies de Tayac
The campsite is perfectly positioned for geocaching lovers. In the immediate area there are loads of caches, most of which you can find from the campsite by foot. There are different hikes:
There are ‘micros’, with these you will walk from your starting point to the cache, once you’ve found it, it’s done.
During this walk we expect some puzzling and thinking from the team.
If you hit the geocachingbutton you will see the map of Les Eyzies and you can instantly see how many caches there are around the village.
What is geocaching ?
Geocaching combines technology with adventure and it’s a fun way to explore places close by and far away.
Match geocaching with hiking, cycling, sailing or any other type of activity for an all-round experience. Be careful though because it is addictive! You’ll notice that your even children will enjoy the hikes.
How does it work?
Someone hides a watertight box, usually in nature, with in it a logbook and possibly several fun objects (to trade) or sometimes also a travelbug or travelcoin. You will have to use your GPS to find to find these hidden treasures.
Click hier for a movie on Geocaching (Youtube)
On the site you can search for caches in your own living area or wherever you are on holiday. To figure out how this exactly works we’ve put the manual on the website (click on the picture and you’ll receive the manual in a PDF format).
As of June 2012 people can walk a new multi-cache from the campsite, as a small hike with or without the donkey or as a big hike. Via the campsite you can also rent a GPS, ask for the route and GPS at the reception.
Costs GPS rental:
half a day: €5,-
An entire day: €7,50
3 days: €15,-
For any questions you can send a mail to Marcel Nouwen