Donkey rental

Donkey rental at Le Pech Charmant
Because more and more people were discovering the joy of walking with our donkey Nanette, and also because of our holiday to the Pyrenees, during which we went on a trip with a donkey and 2 children, we decided in 2004 to expand the amount of donkeys we have. Currently we have 8 donkeys and 1 mule.
Mainly families with (small) children happily use these convenient ‘’bag carriers’’. Because with a donkey as your sidekick it’s possible to go for a long walk!
It is often thought that donkeys are a hard animal to handle, but the opposite is true: ‘’A well trained donkey is a beast of burden and above else great company’’. Once you’re out on a walk with a donkey you quickly realize you’re getting attached to each other. A donkey is gentle in nature and loves to cuddle.
Various routes have been set from the campsite. On route there is a possibility to visit one of the many attractions in the area. You will also receive a detailed explanation on how to take care of the donkey.
A route for half a day is 5 to 7 kilometres, and a route for an entire day is 10 to 15 kilometres.
The donkeys will be equipped with carrier bags, these bags can carry 40 to 50 kilos for you.

Costs for donkey rental:
1. Half a day: 30 euros
2. An entire day: 42 euros