Bar and terrace

Drink a nice cold beer or have some ice cream. It's a must do when you're on vacation!
Pool bar
During the day you can enjoy a refreshing beer from the tap at the bar by the pool.
The bar has free wifi ! You can also get a cool can of pop to drink by the pool.
During the summer we have a typical Dutch pancake evening once a week. This is followed by a campfire with marshmallows for the children. Musical guests often use these nights to share their music.
In spring and autumn there are plenty of people at this bar and it’s open at night several times a week.
In July and August we also open the evening bar beside the house
Here we organise fun themed evenings, mini playback shows, and sometimes a good concert!
We chose to have these nights right beside the house so that the noise wouldn't carry too far into the campsite and interrupt anyones sleep.